Saturday, November 12, 2011

The News from New Orleans

Right now, your delegation from SUNY Buffalo is sitting in the main ballroom at the New Orleans Sheraton for the Interim AMA meeting. Dr. Peter Carmel, the current president of the AMA, is encouraging -- nay, URGING -- all medical students to call the following number:

1 (800) 833-6354

It's a telephone service that links you to leave a voice message for your congress person to tell him/her that IT IS ESSENTIAL TO INCREASE THE GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION CAP NOW. (That's literally all you have to say. Say this, maybe your name, and hang up. Easier than Med & Society.)

Otherwise we won't have jobs when we graduate. Well, some second years will. But the first years won't.

So take two minutes out of your studying, or during a commercial of whatever your sporting event of choice is, and call that number. Because, in the words of someone much wiser than I, it is essential to increase the graduate medical education cap now.

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