Halloween Party for Kids with Diabetes  October 27th 2011
Buffalo, NY  PHOTOS

AMA-MSS National Meeting  June 16th 2011
Chicago, IL  PHOTOS

Miles for a Healthier Lifestyle  April 30th 2011 
20 or 40 mile bike ride to raise funds for a charity and encourage students’ physical activity.
Annual Event!     2011 PHOTOS2010 PHOTOS

The Get Out Potluck Picnic  April 28th 2011  
A potluck picnic for medical students to promote healthy diets and lifestyles. PHOTOS

Doctors Back to School  April 26th 2011  PHOTOS

AMA/WHIG/AMWA Women Physicians Dinner  April 18th 2011
Panel of Women Physicians spoke about their experiences in medicine. Dinner provided. PHOTOS

Fun Run  April 14th 2011
After class, students went on a 5K or 3K run around the UB south campus.  PHOTOS

Exam Care Packages  April 7th 2011
Healthy care packages for 1st year medical students, reminding students to take care of themselves while they study.  PHOTOS

Dash for Dad