Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 AMA-MSS Annual Meeting in Chicago

More than 700 medical students attended this year’s AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) Annual Assembly Meeting, which took place June 10–12.
The assembly considered more than 35 items of business, and the section held more than 25 educational programs covering such topics as medicine and the media, surviving and thriving in medical school and residency, and the benefits of advanced degrees. Dr. Nancy Nielsen presented two educational programs: Making Your Voice Heard: Parliamentary Procedures, and the Healer's Art. From SUNY Buffalo SOM, 6 medical students attended the event, 4 of whom are on the e-board.

SUNY Buffalo SOM also participated in the AMA-MSS's first annual Community Service Symposium where medical schools present one or two community service projects that have benefited their communities. The Buffalo chapter showcased two community service projects: Halloween with Kids with Diabetes and Sprouts. Due to the presentation and originality of Sprouts (presented by Angela Sandell - MS2), SUNY Buffalo SOM won the AMA-MSS Community Service Symposium!

At the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) meeting, a resolution written by Dan Donovan (MS3) and Angela Sandell (MS2) about "Decreasing the Incidence of Obesity by Reducing the Price Disparity Between Healthy and Unhealthy Foods" was accepted as AMA-Policy. Every year, medical students across the country submit resolutions (or ideas) to the AMA in hope that their idea will be adopted as AMA policy. Getting a resolution passed and adopted by the AMA HOD is not easy and requires a series of steps and approvals by other groups/organizations, including the AMA Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS), the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY), and finally the AMA House of Delegates. Once the AMA adopts a resolution as policy, the AMA (as an organization) fully supports the idea and will actively press for political action of reducing the price difference between healthy and unhealthy foods in Washington DC. Below is a local press coverage of the story by Dr. Peter Ostrow.

To learn more about how to write a resolution, and how to be more involved in these meetings, please view the "Policy and Advocacy" link of our website, or contact one of the e-board members via email.